Our Courses

Our courses

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Parish and Community Building

If your parish is like most then they don't really offer much for community. Maybe they have an altar society or Knights of Columbus for the older population. Younger folks in the church need community too. And it is harder to foster because the numbers of younger (<65 years old) people is dwindling. We will discuss and explore ways of improving community in your parish with or WITHOUT the parish's help.

Book of Genesis Bible Study

Pretty self explanatory...
Through a weekly walk through of Genesis you will learn how to read the Bible, what it means in your everyday life, and so much more.

If you question your faith then a Bible study can help you in your journey. If your faith is strong then you will improve your spiritual maturity through this study.

Canon Law for Beginners

In much the same way that we as citizens live under civil law, so we as Catholics live under canon law. Like secular law, ecclesiastical law imposes various obligations on us as Catholics, though often the fact that a given ecclesiastical obligation is actually canonical one is not realized. At the same time, canon law, like civil law, affords us certain rights and protections, albeit benefits that might not always be recognized or asserted.

Louis IX Men's Group

Catholic men need to fellowship with other good Catholic men to raise up one another, support one another and to learn from one another.

This is the purpose of our group. We will meet online monthly and talk about current events and current topics that are important to the Catholic man and leading his family.

Dealing with Sexual Sin

Recognize that sexuality is a good gift from God and that Biblical prohibitions are intended to protect something precious not deny something pleasant.

Over this course we will review these truths, ponder the eternal consequences of lust, realize that lust disables us, and determine ways to live that minimizes the need for sexual sin.

You are Forgiven

We are taught that we are to forgive others when they hurt us. It is equally important to forgive ourselves when we fall short.

Forgiving ourselves for prior sins in what keeps many away from the Church. Through this course we reinforce the fact that others' judgement of our sins is unimportant with regard to our heavenly forgiveness.

For those looking for community in dysfunctional parishes.