About Michelle & Bryan

Our story

We are not an example of perfection. Far from it. However, we are a living testimony to the amazing grace that God provides to his imperfect children. And our goal is to share our faith journey with our fellow Catholics who are struggling in their journey.

Bryan is a cradle Catholic who was raised in the Church. He attended CCD all through his youth and was a good Catholic boy. When he left for college he fell away from the Church. His faith never faltered but he became disillusioned with the seeming hypocrisy in the church. After joining the Army and getting deployed to Iraq he returned to his faith. Fortunately some good Catholics helped him come back and now Bryan loves to help others return to our shared faith.

Michelle is a convert to the Catholic faith. Born and raised Christian, she attended various Protestant churches but never had a true church home. After marrying Bryan, she decided to join the Church while he was deployed to Iraq. She is well versed in Catholic teaching. She also loves to share her journey to the faith with those who also want to join from outside of the Church.

Feedback & Reviews

Hear how others have been helped by our programs!

” Their Bible studies are very informational. I enjoy being guided through reading the text. It isn’t easy but they break it down into simple steps.  “

Jonathan Alvarez

” The Louix IX Men’s Group is a real blessing. As we talk through today’s problems, we give each other ways of navigating these uncertain times. Living as a good Catholic man is tough enough on your own. Having a group of guys on your side it a real advantage!  “

Russell Kennedy

” Watching their videos is a real living example of how real Catholics live their lives. No fluff, no masking of the messiness of their world. They are a true inspiration to the rest of us having to fight the day to day battle of living right.  “

Janice Griffin

What can we do for you?

We offer a variety of ways to connect with us.

We are writers and put our thoughts on social media on a regular basis.

Follow us on Facebook to see our regular updates. We share our thoughts sometimes a paragraph at a time.  Other times we will share a whole article on a topic.

We put out videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Watch us talk about Catholic topics and interact with us on these platforms. Many times we put out content for the whole world. For our patron on Patreon we offer even more content including content from our day to day lives.

We can coach you through whatever is a challenge with regard to living a good Catholic life.

As former non-Catholics (or fallen away Catholics) we know the challenge of the faith. We know how members of the Church can be less than charitable with fellow sinners. It is very common for the older and supposedly more pious parishioners to judge younger people more harshly than they were. We are here to be a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen to your struggles.

Need advice?

You can set up time to talk with us. Email us if you have something that you’d like to discuss. We can help you determine a path forward.

For those looking for community in dysfunctional parishes.