Just Catholic is more than enough

Now, more than ever, we need Catholics like you to take the lead in the Church. We cannot wait for the clergy to fix things. The change we need has to start with us!

What we do

Strengthening our Church and our communities is quite an undertaking. It can only happen when we take bold actions.

We Coach.

If you are looking for ways to change your parish, our Church, and your community then we have some ideas that you can use.

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Whether you want to learn ways to convert non-Catholics, bring “ex-Catholics” back, run your business in a Catholic manner, or more you should check out our educational materials.


“ Listening to Bryan and Michelle on YouTube helped my son return to the church. They know that the church is a spiritual hospital and not a museum of pious people!  ”

Christine Peltiers

Our story

Bryan is a cradle Catholic who was raised in the Church. He attended CCD all through his youth and was a good Catholic boy. When he left for college he fell away from the Church. His faith never faltered but he became disillusioned with the seeming hypocrisy in the church. After joining the Army and getting deployed to Iraq he returned to his faith. Fortunately some good Catholics helped him come back and now Bryan loves to help others return to our shared faith.

Michelle is a convert to the Catholic faith. Born and raised Christian, she attended various Protestant churches but never had a true church home. After marrying Bryan, she decided to join the Church while he was deployed to Iraq. She is well versed in Catholic teaching. She also loves to share her journey to the faith with those who also want to join from outside of the Church.

For those looking for community in dysfunctional parishes.